About YATI


The Young Adult Theatre Initiative connects professional theaters with new audiences of people in their teens and twenties, sharing the uniquely transformative power of live theatre with the next generation. By inspiring and enabling theaters to tell authentic and meaningful stories for young adults, and by inspiring and enabling young adults to discover and attend relevant plays, YATI will spark a cultural shift that will benefit audiences, theaters, and our entire community.



Authenticity: stories and characters that reflect young people’s lives with accuracy, empathy, and respect.
Professionalism: giving artists, staff, and collaborators the resources and trust they need to do their best work.
Inclusion: ensuring that all programs are accessible and welcoming for all potential participants.



Artistic Director: Josh Costello


Future programs:

Student Matinees:
YATI helps theaters develop and improve their student matinee programs.

Teen Board:
A group of high school students that serve as ambassadors between their peers and the theatre community.

Young Playwrights Festival

Master Classes