Wittenberg reviews pouring in

“Shakespeare’s tragedy trigger[s] copious waves of laughter in the almost exhaustingly funny [Wittenberg]”
-Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle

“Director Josh Costello works hard to strike a balance between zany and brainy in this smart-alecky comedy…the cast attacks the anachronisms with an infectious glee.”
-Karen D’Souza, Bay Area News Group

“There’s no question that Davalos’ Wittenberg makes for good comedy – at times it’s split-your-tights funny”
-Chad Jones, theatredogs

“[Wittenberg] asks probing questions about the nature of free will and authority while incorporating quippy banter, puns and literary references that keep the audience riveted.”
-Cara Cerino, DailyCal

“There is so much to admire in the Aurora Theatre Company’s production of Wittenberg…from Josh Costello’s clever stage direction to the work of his finely-tuned four-actor ensemble…a delicious evening of quick-witted fun!”
-George Haymont, myculturallandscape

“[Wittenberg is] a feast for the eyes, the mind and especially the funny bone.”
-Leo Stutzin, Huffington Post

“The Aurora excels at smart theatre that takes you out of your world without wasting your time – and to this end, Wittenberg is no exception.”
-Cy Ashley Webb, Stark Insider