Ubu for President

Ubu for President is my adaptation of Alfred Jarry’s Ubu Roi. Patrick Dooley directed it for the Shotgun Players in the summer of 2008, playing in Berkeley’s John Hinkle Park (the former home of Cal Shakes).

Dialogue Sample

Click here for the Ubu for President blog, with all the reviews and information. Here are a few highlights:

One of the Top Ten Plays of 2008
-East Bay Express

“An engaging romp”
-Robert Hurwitt, SF Chronicle

“Wildly funny”
-Pat Craig, Contra Costa Times

“A scatological send-up of Macbeth in which a stupid, vicious and cowardly glutton rises to power through duplicitous schemes, it also naturally resonates in present-day America”
-Sam Hurwitt, East Bay Express

“outrageous, generally delightful, and very funny”
-Robert Hurwitt, SF Chronicle

Hysterical… Casi Maggio is a comic highlight as the bubbly teen princess… Sung Min Park is hilariously spaced out and touchy-feely as new character Ming… What they’ve done to the play is great — if anything, they should do more of it… The insistent energy of the show is infectious, and it’s hard not to get swept up in it.”
-Sam Hurwitt, East Bay Express

“The Ubus are delightfully vile… Director Patrick Dooley only barely contains the manic energy of his cast, which is as it should be… Costello’s snappy script… with a cast this good and a play this funny, you may just bust your gut basket”
-Chad Jones, Oakland Tribune

“a broad burlesque of contemporary popular culture”
-Ken Bullock, Berkeley Daily Planet

“much high and low comedy, silly gags, outrageous word play, only-slightly-masked profanity, an election, and a sort of comedic free-for-all that somehow manages to make some nicely pointed commentary on the current scene.”
-Pat Craig, Contra Costa Times

“Josh Costello, who adapted the script from Alfred Jarry’s proto-absurdist “Ubu Roi,” and Shotgun Players Artistic Director Patrick Dooley say they’ve tried to avoid making the 112-year-old “Ubu” a satire on the election in progress. Current events won’t cooperate. True, the real-life incumbent Ubu isn’t running again, and Dave Garrett’s clueless Pa Ubu and Sung Min Park’s hilariously New Age-spacey Ming bear little relation to actual candidates named John McCain or Barack Obama. But Costello has inserted some telling parallels, including a comic perennial protest candidate. Then again, neither he nor Dooley could’ve predicted that the opening of Shotgun’s annual free show in John Hinkel Park would coincide with Paris Hilton’s entrance into the race. The party-hearty Princess Power campaign of the self-entitled Princess Buggerless (Casi Maggio) and her killer, pom-pom-wielding posse is a highlight ofa ragtag and enjoyable show.”
-Robert Hurwitt, SF Chronicle

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